Konstanitn Khudyakov. New exposition

Elena Gromova Gallery is a present-day art space, which includes unique collections of sculpture, art doll and painting. In the Russian art market the Gallery presents the most interesting and significant works of the best contemporary masters of sculpture from Russia, Switzerland, Italy, USA and Canada. The Gallery first opened ten years ago, and since then the scope and trends of its creative activity have continued to expand both in Russia and abroad.
The Gallery has gained the reputation of a prestigious exhibition area, a unique educational center, an organizer of conferences and scientific research in the field of art.
Today Elena Gromova Gallery presents thoroughly selected works of modern sculptors and artists and discovers new names in art for the Russian public.

Alexander Rukavishnikov. New exposition!

Dear friends!
Gallery presents the works of the outstanding Russian sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov!
Alexander Rukavishnikov is a sculptor in the 3rd generation. Alexander is People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of the RSFSR and the Kirghiz SSR, member of the Russian Academy of Arts, a member of the Presidential Commission on Culture.
His works are held in the Tretyakov Gallery, in the Russian Museum, the Museum Ludwig, Siemens, Hermes, John Wilson, as well as numerous private and corporate collections.

We invite you to the exhibition "Konstantin Khudyakov's 3D-mirrors"! You have the unique opportunity to see the exhibition of stereo-light panels. The exhibition works until October 17th.

Art party

Elena Gromova Gallery invites art-lovers to celebrate summer on 24th of June!
The program for the evening will be exciting-
concert of the folk-rock band "Saint Patrick's Brigade", buffet, workshop on swing dancing and many other activities. Elena Gromova Gallery will also present the exhibition of the outstanding doll-artists, which will work until 12 July.
«Art in interior design and interior design as art»
Luxurious items of Italian furniture can perfectly match any works of art from dolls to world-famous masterpieces.
Being famous for her unique papier-mache art, Natalia has decided to experiment with bronze. The result of her brave experiment has exceeded all expectations!
Alexander Rukavishnikov. New sculptures!
Alexander Rukavishnikov. New sculptures!
Elena Gromova`s gallery is happy to present a new series of sculptures where the artist tried to transform well-known scenes from Pieter Bruegel the Elder`s painting.
Contemporary sculpture and painting. Permanent exposition of famous artists from Russia, Italy, USA and Canada. Bronze, stone and wooden works.
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