Andrey Ostashov

Andrey Ostashov is a sculptor and an artist, member of The Artists Union of Belarus. Andrey works with stone and bronze. Andrey Ostashov was born in 1970. In 1997 he has graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Department of Sculpture.
Olga Rohl

Olga Roehl is an artist, a member of VEP (Verband europaischer Puppenkunstler), NIADA (The National Institute of American Doll Artists), CDAA (Canadian Doll Artists Association ) and RCAA (Russian Creative Association of Artists ).
Giuseppe Tirelli

Giuseppe Tirelli was born in Tanzania in 1957, he lives and works in Piacenza where he attended the Institute of Fine Art "Gazzola".
 The artist works with important art galleries.
Tirelli’s works are in private collections in India, Brazil, USA, Australia and Russia.
Giacinto Bosco

Giacinto Bosco Italian sculptor ( b. 1956, Alcamo). At the age of 15 he attended the Bramante Artistic Lyceum in Milan. Bosco is the author of several monuments in different cities of Italy. The artist is the participant of various exhibitions in Europe, Russia and USA since 1991.
Federico Severino

Federico Severino (b. 1953) is an Italian sculptor. Works of Federico Severino are being exhibited in various galleries in Italy and constantly appear in both public and private collections. His bronze reliefs are permanently presented in Pantheon in Rome.
Ugo Riva

Ugo Riva is Italian sculptor (b.1951, Bergamo).
Since 1973 from the age of eighteen Ugo Riva has held over thirty five of exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.
Victor Korneev

Victor Korneev is a sculptor (b. 1958). He works with bronze, stone, wood. Victor is a participant of more than 40 group projects and more than 15 solo exhibitions. The author’s works can be found in The State Tretyakov Gallery, Museum of Modern Art (Moscow), private collections in Russia and abroad.
Andrei Drozdov

Andrei Drozdov is an artist, sculptor, the master of the Art Doll, a member of Moscow Artists’ Union and Artists' Union of Russia.
Andrei graduated as an architect, but became well-known as an author of the characters for the TV show “The Dolls” (NTV) and “The Star family” (DTV), “The Mikhail Leontiev’s theatre” (The 1st Chanel).
The Artist has worked with different materials and techniques, but currently is mainly interested in bronze sculpture.
Evgeniy Vereshagin

Born in 1952, Evgeniy graduated sculpture class at Penza Artistic College, later - the Faculty of Monumental and decorative and applied art at Stroganov Higher Art Industrial College in Moscow. Evgeniy is a member of Artists Union of Russia, a participant of more than 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad.
Aren Bumants

Born in 1967 in the family of the famous Armenian sculptor. Aren graduated from Terlemezyan Art School in Yerevan and later Art and Theatre Institute.
Participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Russia, Switzerland, Israel, USA and France, took part in Moscow International Art Festival «Traditions and Modernity» and became the winner in the nomination «For unique national identity» in the direction of «painting».
Alexandra Khudyakova

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, member of the International Artists Union of Russia (TSHR), (IFA), the Moscow Artists Union (MAU). Graduated from Moscow State Stroganov University of Industrial Arts, Faculty of Design, and Moscow State University (MSU), Faculty of Arts.
Alexander Rukavishnikov

People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of the Russian SFSR and the Kirghiz SSR, member of the Russian Academy of Arts, professor. The Master of monumental compositions, sculptural portraits.
Contemporary sculpture and painting. Permanent exposition of famous artists from Russia, Italy, USA and Canada. Bronze, stone and wooden works.
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