Artist Elisa Anfuso

Artist Elisa Anfuso

With a degree in painting from Catania's Academy of Fine Arts and a specialization in Art Education, Anfuso was awarded the International "Arte Laguna" prize in 2001. She was also a finalists for the "Combat" and "2011 Arte Mondadori" prizes, received an honorable mention for the "Premio Celeste" prize, and won the "Subway Editions".


She has been selected to participate in a number of important contemporary art exhibitions and fairs, and her works are included in important private collections.

Anfuso's work is the result of careful reflection, though she seems to paint and portray reality as if it were a game. Instead, her technique is highly refined and unerringly precise in rendering the smallest detail on the canvas. She creates a link between the figurative and the "imaginative", represented by the childish line drawings in her backgrounds. A the same time, she highlights the relationship between the actions of her subjects and their will to carry them out, which often stems from childhood desires, experiments, memories, and encounters.

Though we remember little of our childhood wishes and dreams, we carry them along with us throughout our lives and many of our behaviors and actions are rooted in these childhood desires and experiments as if we are continuing to play a game.

Anfuso's canvases show the hidden side of our conscience through the use of imaginary conversations between objects and animals and unique connections between visual elements which belong to different sensorial spheres or contexts. This hidden side of our conscience is real, however, and is carried with us during the whole of our life.